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Our Policies

Please read over all of our policies so that you are well  informed about any applicable charges or standards that may apply to you

Time Changes


Moving the set book time up or down

If you decide to change your mind about the time you have already booked, you will be required to pay a surcharge of $10. 

 This only applies up to an hour and a half (1hr & 30min) of your original book time

Each 30 minutes will be an additional $15 added

Max: $45

Shoot Date Changes


Read descriptions below, all apply for your specific book date

48 hours in advance


24 hours in advance


Day of shoot Cancelation


Down Deposit 


Please read the description below

Down deposits are mandatory prior to your shoot

Late Fees

15 minutes late will result in a surcharge of 


30 minutes late will result in a surcharge of


Anything longer than a 35-minute wait will result in automatic cancelation and you will be charged the FULL price of the shoot 

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